The launch of the new SuperDuo Duets™

As a member of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad, I was honoured to be part of the launch of the new Beadsmith Exclusive SuperDuo Duets™ that happened today.  The Duets are identical to regular SuperDuos in shape and size but are revolutionary in that they are two glass halves in different colours fused in one bead.  This gives new and exciting design possibilities to highlight this unique feature of the beads and, being based on such a popular bead shape, allows the use of existing SuperDuo patterns already available while giving the finished beadwork a whole new look.



a few of the colours and finishes available


In my first blogpost last month where I had given free instructions for making a SuperDuo Triangle component, I had mentioned that I was designing with a new range of SuperDuo beads and wanted to keep to clean lines to bring out a specific feature.  The result of that was the Duets Triangle Pendant that was included in an article written by Leslie Rogalski, Creative Director of the Beadsmith and published by Beading Daily earlier today.  Check out the article for more info on these beads and for a free rope tutorial!

SuperDuo Duets™ Triangle Pendant by Joanne Zammit for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad



SuperDuo Duets™ Triangle Pendant by Joanne Zammit for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad


In another design I teamed the Duets up with other relatively new beads, the Groovy Tiles.

Duets and Groovies Earrings – Beadsmith Exclusive pattern available for customers of The Beadsmith. Ask for it at your bead shop!


If you’d like to win some of these great new beads head over to Erika Sandor’s blog and participate in her giveaway!


For more inspiration take a look at the album of Duets designs on the Beadsmith facebook page.


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